Happy Solstice, Merry Christmas and Joyous New Year!

Here’s the news from 2011:  Mark and I are celebrating our second year back in Cambria, and it has been so warm and lovely to be back in the old neighborhood.  We still miss Los Osos but there is something magical about Cambria that inspires and feeds our souls.

In Mark’s news, we are celebrating the release of the DVD of the movie based on his script, Kill Kate Malone, which can now also be seen on Showtime!  He has published over 40 short stories in the past 3 years, and is co-editing an anthology, Forsaken, with his friend Joe McKinney, which should be out next year.  His website has links and includes a free download or two.  Three family-friendly projects are making progress under the umbrella of some great producers, and we’re looking forward to seeing good news in 2012 on that front.  Mark is currently polishing a horror film draft for yet another group of producers, and sending out his novel Kushtaka to various agents.  He has a number of other script and fiction projects in various stages of development and it’s really no wonder that workaholic Stephen King is one of his great inspirations.  If he could clone himself, he would!  So many ideas and so little time…. sigh.

In Tobey’s news, she has pretty much completed her transition from academic to writer and soul coach, helping people find their path, express themselves in various media, and flourish in their new ‘Plan A.’  She’s done a lot of websites this year!  As Vice President of the organization Circles of Empowerment, she has also had a chance to learn from some wonderful elders and bring that information back to our Central Coast community.  It seems every month brings more and more ceremony, readings from her own White Heart deck that she has created, and now she’s very excited to be making a move to the Amethyst Healing Center on Main Street in Cambria for 2012.  She is at work on a book, part spiritual memoir, part manifesto and she can’t wait to share just a few short excerpts from this work in progress.

We celebrated Tobey’s grandmother’s 102nd birthday in October, and her aunt Betsy’s 70th just last week.  Our nephew Jacob is 10, Seth is 9 and niece Kimberly is 8 – we’re so proud of them!  Our god daughter Elena is in her sophomore year of college.  Wow – it really does go fast!  We added a new family member of our own with our lovely new kitten Callisto Tigerlily of Themyscira.  She’s been a real ray of sunshine although Orion and William might call her something else.  LOL.  We are so very lucky to have animal companions in our lives.  We hope this finds you and yours well.  Happy holidays!!!

our three darlings Orion, Callisto & William in the laundry