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Month: January, 2012

What Should You Expect to Find In a Life Coach?

A fascinating article in the New York Times illustrates the difficulty in hiring ‘those who do not know’, how to teach what they have never experienced themselves. I am not eager to point fingers, but I think this piece shows how important it is to work with someone who has really been around the block in terms of pinpointing solutions to significant problems that can otherwise hold us back.  This is not always an obvious task!

Until you’ve really experienced failure and then recovered from that failure, can you genuinely advise someone how to move on?  The pain and sorrow of losing one’s life dreams are not trivial and can not be set aside on a whim.  Nor should one be indulged and mollycoddled into staying a course that no longer works!  But the compassion, grace and wisdom to find true balance I believe takes at least a few decades to root in a deep understanding and practice of life.

Then one can show the way, point out the hidden pitfalls, sidestep the unpleasant and unnecessary bits, pare away the flotsam and get going with the real plan: significant results from what is likely to be a fair amount of hard work.  Onward to the life one has always dreamed of living…. with a good dose of grounding and common sense to get the job done.  That’s what people need.


Mark Cuban Offers 12 Rules for Start Ups

Well, I don’t agree with everything that Mark Cuban says in this pretty authentic sounding piece on what to watch out for when you start your own company, but I think a lot of the points make sense.

I don’t absolutely agree with his advice about PR companies, because most entrepreneurs do not have the time to follow all that media and make all those phone calls. I think outsourcing that is not a bad idea, but yes, you can also make calls yourself.  (Hello?)  (LOL)

I really agree with the part about knowing how you are going to make money.  That’s why a business plan – even if it’s just a paragraph on a cocktail napkin – is a really good idea.  You can start with a teeny one and make it bigger over time.  But you need a plan and a way to keep your focus.  A mantra if you will.

I like: Listen. Respond. Care. Have fun.   That’s my new business mantra.

Allowing Constituents to Co-Create The Next Thing

In an absolutely fascinating move, Ladies Home Journal is going to pay readers to write (at professional rates) much of the magazine’s content.  LHJ is having a sort of re-launch with a new logo, look& feel, and trade dress starting with the March issue.

We’re going to see a lot more of this believe me. Brands are moving more & more into co-creation with their ‘fans’ and supporters, a phenomenon which parallels and perhaps even leads some of the change in power relationships we are seeing as we Shift into the new paradigm. woo hoo!

the new look from Ladies Home Journal


Inspirations for the New ‘Plan A’

Next Saturday on January 7th, 2012 I will be teaching my business class with advice on moving forward with your new ‘Plan A‘. There’s been lots of doom & gloom out there in the blogosphere, but you don’t have to invest in that for your life. Instead of framing this challenging moment as fear,  investing in your own new ‘Plan A’ acts on this positive opportunity to listen to your heart, trust your intuitions, tune into the bigger picture that the Universe has been guiding you towards and take a leap of faith.

In her very inspiring post about the top 5 regrets of the dying, Bonnie Ware writes that failing to be true to ourselves and our own visions is the number one regret that people have at the end of their life. Let’s be sure you are not going to say the same thing.  Here is an article about a happy artistic couple that are now making their livelihoods by pursuing their dreams as creative entrepreneurs in the glass etching business.  Amanda Siska, the genius behind their shop at BreadandBadger.com, offers some excellent tips for anyone starting out.  Read it and follow her links!

I’ll continue to post stories like this one to help you find the inspiration you need to take charge of your own life.  As the master says, “This is not a dress rehearsal.”  Seize the day!   And as my friend Max Kraus tells me, when they want to encourage you to stay strong in Austria they say, “Keep your ears stiff!”  Like this guy!