Mark Cuban Offers 12 Rules for Start Ups

by Tobey White Heart Crockett

Well, I don’t agree with everything that Mark Cuban says in this pretty authentic sounding piece on what to watch out for when you start your own company, but I think a lot of the points make sense.

I don’t absolutely agree with his advice about PR companies, because most entrepreneurs do not have the time to follow all that media and make all those phone calls. I think outsourcing that is not a bad idea, but yes, you can also make calls yourself.  (Hello?)  (LOL)

I really agree with the part about knowing how you are going to make money.  That’s why a business plan – even if it’s just a paragraph on a cocktail napkin – is a really good idea.  You can start with a teeny one and make it bigger over time.  But you need a plan and a way to keep your focus.  A mantra if you will.

I like: Listen. Respond. Care. Have fun.   That’s my new business mantra.