What Should You Expect to Find In a Life Coach?

by Tobey White Heart Crockett

A fascinating article in the New York Times illustrates the difficulty in hiring ‘those who do not know’, how to teach what they have never experienced themselves. I am not eager to point fingers, but I think this piece shows how important it is to work with someone who has really been around the block in terms of pinpointing solutions to significant problems that can otherwise hold us back.  This is not always an obvious task!

Until you’ve really experienced failure and then recovered from that failure, can you genuinely advise someone how to move on?  The pain and sorrow of losing one’s life dreams are not trivial and can not be set aside on a whim.  Nor should one be indulged and mollycoddled into staying a course that no longer works!  But the compassion, grace and wisdom to find true balance I believe takes at least a few decades to root in a deep understanding and practice of life.

Then one can show the way, point out the hidden pitfalls, sidestep the unpleasant and unnecessary bits, pare away the flotsam and get going with the real plan: significant results from what is likely to be a fair amount of hard work.  Onward to the life one has always dreamed of living…. with a good dose of grounding and common sense to get the job done.  That’s what people need.