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Month: February, 2012

Case Study: Alexis Neely’s Highly Effective Pre-Launch Strategy

I am really enjoying the read on this article, Case Study: Alexis Neely’s Highly Effective Pre-Launch Strategy.  The writer, another business coach with the clever moniker of “Launch Coach,” shares his insights into what works and what can be potentially difficult for launches like this.

I really liked Alexis’ ideas about having VIP’s who could lovingly help resolve snafus before really going wide with the announcements.  Brilliant!

And in general, a Money Map is an intriguing idea.  there are lots and lots of ways to approach the necessary step of creating and visualizing a  clear picture in your heart-mind-body about what you are building and moving towards.  I like collages, and the way they can tap into your right brain as you get absorbed in the creative zone and process.  But it’s all good!

Latest Shift Network Offering: Your Livelihood as an Evolutionary Path

I am interested in this new offering from the Shift Network because it very closely follows my own languaging for the workshop I teach, Creating your New ‘Plan A’.  The next time I will offer it looks to be a two part workshop, held in the evenings on a pair of Thursdays in February – perhaps the 16th & 29th (a leap year date if ever there was one!)  The weekends are often prime times for my retailers so they need to have a non-weekend time to attend.

Your Livelihood as an Evolutionary Path | The Shift Network.