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Latest Shift Network Offering: Your Livelihood as an Evolutionary Path

I am interested in this new offering from the Shift Network because it very closely follows my own languaging for the workshop I teach, Creating your New ‘Plan A’.  The next time I will offer it looks to be a two part workshop, held in the evenings on a pair of Thursdays in February – perhaps the 16th & 29th (a leap year date if ever there was one!)  The weekends are often prime times for my retailers so they need to have a non-weekend time to attend.

Your Livelihood as an Evolutionary Path | The Shift Network.

Allowing Constituents to Co-Create The Next Thing

In an absolutely fascinating move, Ladies Home Journal is going to pay readers to write (at professional rates) much of the magazine’s content.  LHJ is having a sort of re-launch with a new logo, look& feel, and trade dress starting with the March issue.

We’re going to see a lot more of this believe me. Brands are moving more & more into co-creation with their ‘fans’ and supporters, a phenomenon which parallels and perhaps even leads some of the change in power relationships we are seeing as we Shift into the new paradigm. woo hoo!

the new look from Ladies Home Journal