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Amazon.com: Tobey Crockett’s review of Country Living Crafting a Business: Make M…

I just recently reviewed this book for Amazon and am about to take it back to the library.  I really recommend checking it out for anyone who is starting up or even still shaping their own little (or maybe not so little!) business.  Check out my other reviews as well.

I wrote:

I have previously reviewed a similar book from the editors of Victoria Magazine (which I also heartily recommend) and this book from Country Living is just terrific. The main part of it is inspirational stories from women who have done it already, and salted in those stories are all kinds of nuggets and good insights from the various entrepreneurs about how they got the life of their dreams to take flight. Even those businesses which hold basically zero interest for me (cakes & lamp shades, for instance) were interestingly profiled and still contained good morsels through out, so I suggest reading them all.

The second part of the book offers a very solid crash course on the technical aspects of starting a business. This information is often very hard to get in a format that does not cause one’s eyeballs to glaze over either in abject terror or boredom, so I think that part is surprisingly helpful – and that is I what I like about the other business book I have reviewed as well. As quite a large number of the women point out in their personal stories, it is vitally important to do this work and not try to wing it by the seat of your pants for too long. I direct my clients (whom I help to discover & manifest the life of their dreams) to this kind of material because it has got excellent brass tacks for realists who actually want to build something solid, not pie in the sky fantasy.

I got this book from the library but plan to purchase a copy for my reference. If you want to start your own enterprise, I strongly recommend checking out this little book.

Amazon.com: Tobey Crockett’s review of Country Living Crafting a Business: Make M….

Charisma = Presence, Power & Warmth

This is a great little snippet that moves you towards a meditation practice so you can develop the art of being Present.  Great idea!

But if you already know how to be present, then you might pick up on the combination of this formula for charisma: presence plus power plus warmth.

This fits exactly with my own motto: Listen. Respond. Care. Have fun!

How To Reverse Your Hard Wiring For Distraction | LinkedIn.

Michael has such a warm smile, plus power plus presence

My next business classes are coming right up in April and May and we will be talking about this as well as concrete ways to manifest your heart’s desire by living the life of your dreams.

Come join us!

Why Women Are the Most Powerful Brand Ambassadors In the World | Social Media Today

This is a very good article for those of us who are thinking about how to expand our social media outreach in such a way as to not interfere too entirely with who we actually are!  It is just so important to keep our authentic voice, and as this article points out, that is a real gift for all in our network as well.

Why Women Are the Most Powerful Brand Ambassadors In the World | Social Media Today.

And I wish the guy good luck finding a job. Check out his last line at the bottom- talk about just putting it all right out there.

Latest Shift Network Offering: Your Livelihood as an Evolutionary Path

I am interested in this new offering from the Shift Network because it very closely follows my own languaging for the workshop I teach, Creating your New ‘Plan A’.  The next time I will offer it looks to be a two part workshop, held in the evenings on a pair of Thursdays in February – perhaps the 16th & 29th (a leap year date if ever there was one!)  The weekends are often prime times for my retailers so they need to have a non-weekend time to attend.

Your Livelihood as an Evolutionary Path | The Shift Network.

Mark Cuban Offers 12 Rules for Start Ups

Well, I don’t agree with everything that Mark Cuban says in this pretty authentic sounding piece on what to watch out for when you start your own company, but I think a lot of the points make sense.

I don’t absolutely agree with his advice about PR companies, because most entrepreneurs do not have the time to follow all that media and make all those phone calls. I think outsourcing that is not a bad idea, but yes, you can also make calls yourself.  (Hello?)  (LOL)

I really agree with the part about knowing how you are going to make money.  That’s why a business plan – even if it’s just a paragraph on a cocktail napkin – is a really good idea.  You can start with a teeny one and make it bigger over time.  But you need a plan and a way to keep your focus.  A mantra if you will.

I like: Listen. Respond. Care. Have fun.   That’s my new business mantra.